Zivix Donates to Best Buy's Geek Squad Precinct at the Children's Hospital of Minnesota

Here at Zivix, we are passionate about fostering the joy of playing music, making music more accessible to everyone, and connecting with our local Minneapolis community. When we heard about the amazing collaboration between Best Buy's Geek Squad and the Children's Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota, we knew we wanted to get involved! 

We were connected with the incredible team at the Geek Squad Precinct at Children's MN, and were able to donate both jamstik+ SmartGuitars and our AirJamz Bluetooth Air Guitar Picks for patients and their families to enjoy playing and learning music during their stay at the hospital. 

(From left to right: Elliot Nelson - Geek Squad, Meredith Cannon - Zivix , Chad Koehler - Zivix)

(From left to right: Elliot Nelson - Geek Squad, Meredith Cannon - Zivix , Chad Koehler - Zivix)

In addition to the Geek Squad Precinct, Children's MN also provides Music Therapy services for patients and their families, so we made sure that the music therapy carts were equipped with jamstik's and AirJamz as well! Every music therapy session is different, but our products can be used facilitating movement and physical rehabilitation, engaging patients and families in their treatment, and providing an outlet for creative and emotional expression.

Our team was also graciously invited to join the lively team at the Star Studio, the in-house TV station, for an episode of Kids Clubhouse! You can watch the entire show here.

About the Geek Squad Precinct at Children's Minnesota

Children’s Minnesota is proud to provide patients, families, and staff with an onsite Geek Squad® Precinct at both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses for drop-in consulting and service support.

Expert Geek Squad® agents are available to assist families with computers, tablets, DVD players, gaming systems, cameras, cell phones and other consumer technology devices — with many services provided at no cost to patients and families.

About Music Therapy at Children's Minnesota

It’s no secret that music can be uplifting and relaxing in any situation. A growing amount of evidence suggests that the power of music can also have significant benefits to patients and their families in clinical settings.

Your child doesn’t need a musical background to benefit from music therapy. Children at any developmental age or developmental level can participate. Children’s Minnesota board-certified music therapists serve patients ranging from newborns to young adults at various levels of engagement and responsiveness (from sedated to active).

About Star Studio at Children's Minnesota

Star Studio is the in-house TV station at Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota. Offering programming for kids of all ages, “Channel 13” is geared specifically to patients and their families as an alternative to mainstream commercial broadcasting. A broad range of content is thoughtfully prepared for viewing 24 hours a day, providing entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together.

In addition to pre-recorded programs, Star Studio produces 10 unique, live, interactive shows that are filmed on location in our performance spaces at Children’s-Minneapolis and Children’s-St. Paul. These shows include Bingo (with a bilingual option), art, music, guests from the community, quirky news, and a variety show with games, stories, and music.