We're Changing the Musical Landscape


Everything starts with research and development, and our 8 issued patents are proof of our dedication to pushing the technology to new levels. We've pioneered sensing technology, MIDI protocols, and more.

By paying close attention to the evolving landscape of music production, sensor technology, and processing power, our products stay ahead of the curve and our customers stay happy.


We are obsessive about educating the next generation of guitar players and making it more accessible to learn and play music. With the added layer of real-time feedback provided by our app-connected products, it's never been easier to learn to play. 

As the education world becomes digitized, our products fit right in, bridging the traditional guitar format with the modern applications and platforms increasingly in-demand by both students and teachers alike. 


Giving back has always been an important part of our company mission. From donating over 150 Jamstiks to education in our 2015 Kickstarter campaign, to recently donating over $100,000 to the NAMM Foundation's Bill Collings Memorial Fund in our latest Indiegogo campaign, we intend to make sure Music Education stays both relevant and accessible. 

In 2018, we have pledged to solidify our support by committing 1% of all future retail sales as a standing commitment to support the NAMM Foundation so more children have the opportunity to play.


Based in Minneapolis, Zivix produces its new products all within 200 miles of where they are designed. We thrive by making connections and building relationships that last, whether near or far. 



The original Jamstik is named one of Pop Science's best inventions of the year and finds crowdfunding success on Indiegogo. The puc MIDI interface is launched soon after and both products debut in over 200 retail locations.


Zivix utilizes new Bluetooth Technology to update the product line and raises over $800,000 for the Jamstik+ via Kickstarter. Through our commitment to giving back, we donated over 150 Jamstik's to EDU and Music Therapy causes. 


Zivix expands sales channels and finds success as one of the first featured partners on the Amazon Launchpad Platform. Also this year, AirJamz is launched and is well received by the Music Therapy communities, US Air Guitarists, and air guitar enthusiasts around the world. 


To date, Zivix has shipped over 30,000 Jamstik's to over 70 countries from jamstik.com, and now has 55 authorized resale locations worldwide.


Zivix launches the third generation Jamstik Smart Guitars, the Jamstik 7 and Jamstik 12 (which has now evolved to a full size Jamstik MIDI guitar) on Indiegogo, raising over $650,000+ and pre-selling over 1700 units.


We've learned from 10 years of experience & customer and market feedback, and we’re putting that knowledge to work in our upcoming hardware & software product launches. The full size Jamstik MIDI guitar controller is coming



Interested in joining the team?

We're always looking for qualified candidates to join our multi-disciplinary team. 

Check out the open positions on our Careers page! 

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