What is AirJamz & Who is it for?

AirJamz is a wireless, "Air-Guitar" that makes it easy for anyone to play real guitar sounds & feel like a rockstar. It's recommended for kids ages 6 to 60.

What devices work with AirJamz?

Most Newer iOS Devices Are Supported!

  • iPad Mini (or Later)

  • iOS 8.12+ iPad 3 (or later)

  • iOS 8.12+ iPhone (4S or later)

  • iOS 8.12+ iPod touch (5th Gen or later)

  • iOS 8.12+

**Android Statement: Due to compatibility issues with the latest Android OS - we cannot advertise usage with the platform at this time.

Connection Issues:

First, ensure Bluetooth is turned on in the settings menu of your device. Make sure your AirJamz is properly powered on. In this state, the LED should be blinking green. 
Refer to the above list for compatibility. Unfortunately, AirJamz will not pair with iPad 2, iPhone 3 or earlier as they do not support BLE bluetooth connectivity.

How Long Does the Battery Last, and How Do I Replace it?

AirJamz comes with a standard replaceable CR2032 3V coin battery and will last for 12-15 hours of active playtime (longer in standby mode). One will be included in your purchase. Replacements can be bought at most major electronics and retail stores, or ordered online. We recommend using a small coin to unscrew the battery compartment. Install the battery with the, "+" side facing out.

*If your AirJamz arrived with a dead battery, please fill out this form and we will send a replacement with proof of purchase.

What is the Warranty & Return Policy for AirJamz?

Your AirJamz™ product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 180 days from the date of original retail purchase from an authorized AirJamz dealer. You have 60 calendar days to return an item from the date you have received it; verified by tracking information. If 60 calendar days elapse from time of purchase, no refund or exchange is available.